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Spring/Summer 2024

Weekly rehearsals for the March concert start on Wednesday 10th January at St Anne's, 7.30–9.30pm.

Wednesday 10th January          Rehearsals restart

Saturday 13th January              Choir workshop 11am–3pm

Saturday 16th March               Spring Concert

Wednesday 17th April             Rehearsals restart

Saturday 20th April                 Choir workshop 11am–3pm

Saturday 22nd June                 Summer Concert

Wednesday 26th June              Rehearsal for tour

Friday–Sunday 12–14th June     Tour to Bruges


Chair                     Claire Champness

Secretary                John Carroll

Treasurer                 Derek Froud

Members                John Astbury, Cesca Eaton, Grainne Sinclair

Ex-officio                Timothy Carpenter


Spring 2024

Saturday 16th March

Summer & Autumn 2024

Saturday 22nd June

Saturday 16th November

Saturday 21st December

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